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Volume4,May 2017,

Topic : Advanced IOT Based Blood Bank

Authors:Aruna R || PradyneshPatil, Rajeev S, Shruti Sanga A , Swathi R

Abstract:Blood is the saver of all life in the case of emergency and,In an emergency situation, if thestock of blood are insufficient or unavailable, the only source of blood will be the people who donate the blood on a voluntary basis. It is certain that, time is a very crucialcomponent in such situations. For this reason, the health care centre should contact the nearestavailable donors in order to ensure the service as quickly as possible and hence this is a time-consuming process.This issue can be overcome by automating the entire system along withaportable smartphone application. The blood packets will be monitored and updated periodically. The Application provides a way to synchronize the information between blood banks and Hospitals with the help of Internet. The android application can be accessed by registered hospitals to check the availability of Blood and can send Request for blood to the nearest blood bank or donor matching with blood requirements.Only a registered person, with willingness to donate blood, will be able to access the service. The application uses GPS technology that will providea way to trace the way to the blood bank or nearby hospitals. The user will get the route to reach the desired location and eliminates the need for manual interventions, thus savingtime.The information about the donor, hospitals and blood banks will be stored in the central database and can accessed globally by authorized user anytime and anywhere..

Keywords: Blood Bank, Hospitals, Donors, Administrators

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss5/pid51476

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