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International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering(IJERECE)

Monthly Journal for Electronics and Communication Engineering

Open Access Journal

International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering(IJERECE)

Monthly Journal for Electronics and Communication Engineering

ISSN : 2394-6849 (Online)

Wavelet: In Progressive Visual Cryptography with Water Marking For Efficient Transmission

Author : Najmi.A 1 Devi V R 2

Date of Publication :7th June 2016

Abstract: The storage and Security of data’s now become a major thread in this Digital world. The security and storage of the data can be made by collectively dividing the data into encrypted modules and save it in multiple users and the combination of these modules only can produce it back. Progressive Visual Cryptography (PVC) is a special encryption technique deals with security of data as images which can be utilized to recover the secret image gradually by superimposing more and more shares. If we only have a few pieces of shares, we could get an outline of the secret image; by increasing the number of the shares being stacked, the details of the hidden information can be revealed progressively. PVC using unexpanded shares regenerates images of high quality. The security of this system can be even multiplied if the random looking shares are enveloped into some meaningful images and thus avoiding the hackers attention. In the proposed method, a digital watermarking technique is used to generate meaningful images and Discrete Wavelet Transform for efficient encoding. The secret image shares are embedded on wavelet coefficients of the different cover images. At the de-embedding side the shares are extracted from the cover images and stacked one by one which reveals the secret image progressively. This scheme provides a more efficient way to hide images in different meaningful shares providing high security and recovered image with high contrast.

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