International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering(IJERECE)

Monthly Journal for Electronics and Communication Engineering


Call For Paper: Volume 4,Issue 4, April-2017. Last date of submission: 31st March-2017


ISSN(Online): 2394-6849


International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering welcomes researches and academicians to submit their original research work which meets the journal criteria of significance and scientific excellence. IJERECE is scholarly online open access and peer received journals emphasising on research studies and application in field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Researchers are requested to submit their original articles online for a peer review and analysis before its publication. The editorial board encourages academician, research scholars and partitions to publish their articles related to Electronics and Communication Engineering and relevant fields.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr.P.C.Srikanth

Professor and head of the department, ECE, Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, Karnataka

Channel Estimation Techniques in MIMO-OFDM

Authors: Salihath P. , Nandakumar P
Volume-3, Issue-5 May 2016

Multiple Human Tracking Using Blob Extraction and Action Recognition Using HOG

Authors: Shyma Zaidi, Jagadeesh B
Volume-3, Issue-5 May 2016

Swing Robot

Authors: Anitha K , Thilagavathy R
Volume-3, Issue-5 May 2016

Tomato Quality Evaluation Using Image Processing

Authors: Bhavana K V, Reshma K J
Volume-3, Issue-5 May 2016

Design of 512-bit Wallace Tree Multiplier by Sklansky Adder

Authors: S.M.Dinesh, T.S.Athira, Y.Hariesh
Volume-3, Issue-4 April 2016

ARP Burner Automation Using PLC

Authors: Yeshwanth S Naick, Neethu P.S , Anjana Balchandran , Arya Vijayan , Preenima Prasad, Shincy P Kunjumon
Volume-3, Issue-4 April 2016

On-Chip Bus Architecture for Achieving Deadlock Free Communication

Authors:Neethu Susan Alex, Karthika Manilal
Volume-3, Issue-4 April 2016

A Unified Metric for Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks

Authors: Harikishore S,Dr.V.Sumalatha,P.Jayarami Reddy
Volume-3, Issue-3 March 2016

Verilog Implementation of Reversible Logic Gate

Authors: P Sravani , V Sai Koushik , D Srinivas
Volume-3, Issue-3 March 2016

Soil Moisture Irrigation System

Authors: SK. Janibasha
Volume-3, Issue-3 March 2016